Quality and respect for the environment

Surinver promotes the integration of innovative techniques for sustainability and environmental care. Because for us is not only important to offer a quality product, but also to comply with good farming practices through an integrated, sustainable and respectful production.

Major projects for sustainability

Photovoltaic plant

One of our greatest assets is our photovoltaic plant, in in operatition since 2010 with an area of ​​40000m2, it allows us to reduce emissions by more than 1,200 tons of greenhouse gases.

We were pioneers in the used of fight integrated with the creation of our own insect farm, where we raise different varieties of insects and distribute them to our partners. This guarantees the biological control of the greenhouses using natural resources and minimizing the use of photosanitary ware.

Since 2007 we have our own seedbed, with a total area of 10 hectares, In it we grow our partners’ crops to ensure the best quality and be able to controll the traceability of our products as a global process, from planting to harvesting.

Every year more than 176 million plants pass through our hands.

We also have test fields both in greenhouses and outdoor. In these fields we launch agricultural innovations in different crops, including new technique, new varieties, insects and treatments. All this serves our goal of improving our process and bringing innovation to agriculture. Thus being able later To transfer our knowledge to our partners in our plantations.

Our insectarium is the proof of our desire to strengthen the integrated fight, using our own natural resources to improve the agricultural process and reduce the use of phytosanitary products.

Many other projects are part of this goal for sustainability and we are proud to be part of the ideas (for the Implementation of Ecological Developments for Sustainable Agriculture) operational group or to work with the IVIA (Valencian Institute of Agricultural Research) in a project of efficient irrigation for a better use of natural resources.


Through obtaining organic farming certificates, we have taken another step toward sustainability, as this kind of farming is characterized by the use of inputs of natural origin.